National Museums in Nigeria

National Museums in Nigeria

National Museum, Oron, Akwa Ibom State
It was established in 1959. The museum is reputed as containing the largest ethnographic gallery in Africa, a craft shop and an African cuisine restaurant.

National Museum Benin City
It has a rare collection of antiquities and artifacts of the rich cultural past of the state. The Benin Museum represents the ancient and modern artistic ingenuity of the Edo people and some major cultures of Nigeria.

National Museum Kaduna
It is rich with collection of diverse antiquities, artifacts and relics of Nigerian cultural heritage. This is the home of the over 2500 years old Nok Terracotta collections. There are also many other sculptural, craft and art collections in the museum.

National Museum and Monument Lagos
It contains some of the country’s rare collections of works of arts and craft, and historic monuments. It is a good place to visit for further discovery about the hardworking people of Lagos and Nigeria.

Museum of Traditional Nigerian Architecture (MOTNA)
It is located in the Jos metropolis. It is a museum depicting the diverse traditional Nigerian architecture.

Ife Museum Ile-Ife
It dates back to 1930, and houses various objects of antiquity which abound in Ile-Ife from time immemorial. Among important collections in the museum is the granite tools, crubicles fused for making beads, brass of Ooni of Ife, and terracotta art works, etc.

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