Historic Palaces in Nigeria

Historic Palaces in Nigeria

Alafin of Oyo’s Palace
It is a historical and cultural monument described as a Yoruba museum containing relics and antiquities of the Yoruba race. The Aganju hall, the 150 year old tortoise and an expansive courtyard are some of the prominent features.

Oba of Lagos’ Palace (Iga Idungaran)
This is a cultural centre and the palace of the Oba of Lagos. The palace was believed to have been built in 1670.

Emir of Kano’s Palace (Kano City)
It is a magnificent architectural design. The palace is a settlement within a settlement. Built in the 15thcentury by the 20thEmir of Kano, it is now like a museum.

Oba of Benin’s Palace
Is a unique traditional architecture and works of arts dating back to the 9th and 10th centuries located near the Kings Square in Benin city.

Emir of Zaria’s Palace (Zaria)
Is a magnificent edifice and historical monument built some 200 years ago. The palace is built in a traditional Hausa architectural design and has endured the trials of modernity and time.

Ooni of Ife’s Palace (Ile-Ife)
It is among the historic monuments of the state, being the ancestral home and spiritual headquarters, of the Yoruba race.

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