[cs_faq cs_faq_section_title=”General” column_size=”1/1″][faq_item faq_active=”no” faq_title=”Do I have to register to use the Directory?” =”que” =”null”] You don’t be register to view directory but you do have to register to post an ad on directory. [/faq_item][faq_item faq_active=”no” faq_title=”How do I register?” =”null”] By simply clicking on the user icon on the top right conner of the directory and then create a user account. [/faq_item][faq_item faq_active=”no” faq_title=”How do I post an ad?” =”null”] To post an ad, simply click on post an ad button that can be found at the top of any page. [/faq_item][faq_item faq_active=”no” faq_title=”Why has my ad been removed?” =”null”] if your ad breaches our posting rules, terms and conditions. [/faq_item][/cs_faq]